Here are some things to try on Social Media in Pubs in February to drive football through Social Media


Here are some things to try on Social Media in Pubs in February to drive football through Social Media:

  • 6 Nations – The tournament starts on 3rd February. Make sure you post in advance of if you’re showing this or Football on Facebook. You can post pictures on Instagram about anything you have from last year. On the day of the games add something to your Instagram or Facebook Story showing the times of the games then as people are watching it. Ask questions each week to encourage people to comment. A simple thing any pub can do is to find clips of old players from their fan Facebook pages and ask who remembers this:


  • Valentines Night – The target audience will determine what you need to post.

-          For Singles nights you can post clips or memes about being single. Or if you have an event you can suggest that instead of being on aps such as Tinder they should simply come to the pub. If you have single staff member working (as they usually are on Valentines night), post saying that they share customer’s pain using the hashtags: #Valentinesday #Singlesnight

-          Valentines night – If you have a meal you have prepared especially for the night, Use any of the Live functions on the different platforms to talk them through the meal. Bubbles will be popular on Valentines, So Share pictures to Instagram of the wine you sell, using the rewind or boomerang aps to see a cork popping.

  • National Drink Wine Day 18th February – Whichever day of the year it is always trends in particular on Twitter. Things that are trending naturally get seen by more people that day. Take advantage of this whenever you can and National Drink Wine Day is an example your pubs can take advantage of.
  • Pancake Day 13th – In the week before have a pancake tossing competition and film it to post on Social media. If you have a member of staff try to toss a pancake each day you can then post that for that day’s story on Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook.
  • Winter Olympics – This will be live every day from South Korea.  While some of the events will not be watchable for pubs, you can still post using them. You can add stories to your Facebook page, Instagram feed or Snap chat with staff imitating the events. Or Post fun pictures linking into it using the hashtag: #Winterolympics.