Many apps are available to use on Instagram to make your posts and content more interesting.


Instagram has a selection of complimentary apps, some of which they have created, and others which have been created by 3rd parties. All of these can give you great ideas for and ways to create new content. 

Boomerang – This is an app which records a short video with plays and rewinds constantly. It is a short video, but videos get more engagement and more interaction. There are many different things you can use it for including pouring pints or adding the finishing touches to a meal.


Layout – Layout allows you to create a collage of several photos. The shape, position of all the photos can all be moved and altered in the app before you post. It is great for showing several aspects of one idea at once E.g. showing the different parts of a pub quiz or Family fun day.

Hyperlapse – This creates time-lapse videos of an event. A time-lapse video is one shot at 1 frame per second. A standard video is 60- 120 frames a second. These videos show things that are happening as if they have been sped up, and can showcase an event like a busy service or a live band. These types of videos are very popular on Instagram (and other Social media).

WhenToPost – An app which provides you with a time which it will be best to post based on your Instagram followers activity. This will be as specific as 15 mins of the day. Great for targeting maximum engagement. It has some more advanced paid features which you can unlock with much more specific insights and posting data.

Superzoom – Designed for us in storied. Superzoom can give you a selection of different extras to use for your pictures and story videos. It adds short sounds when you zoom in such as that of a TV show or a bouncy ball. These are more entertaining and therefore more engaging.