Examples of what type of posts work for pubs and posts that don’t, and why.


Many pubs struggle with ideas for what to post, and also the style of photos they should be posted for pubs. Here are a selection of ideas which pubs should use to see good and bad practice on Instagram. Remember the best practice is to use 6-12 Hashtags.

General Pub
If you take a picture of your pub make sure you are demonstrating an image which encourages people to come to your pub. Pictures of what people like about your pub. Images of things which customers won't understand will not help.

A nice looking dining room with a well-taken photo.

A dishwasher. Does this show the pub in a positive light?


Much of Instagram is pictures of food. Appetising get interactions and reach and all food pubs can do it. 

Just showing the menu from an odd angle is not particularly engaging.

A good picture of food will work really well. This is just one example, there are millions of good food images on the platform. 

Your Beer pictures should show a pint you want to enjoy.

Some lovely looking beer in a nice glass with great lighting in the shot.

A drip mat which you can get any pub.

The atmosphere of the pub should be reflected in the photo.

This has an insufficient number of hashtags and shows nothing of the atmosphere.

This shows the pub when the band is playing and many people enjoying themselves, it has also captured the light in an artistic was.


Most hotel rooms look comfortable in pictures. But often the problem the insufficient number of hashtags.

This is a nice looking room, but with poor reach due to the lack of hashtags.

This room looks comfortable, and the photo has used the filters to make it also look warmer.

Cocktails a particularly photogenic and work really well on Instagram. So long as you use a good image which makes the drink look alluring.

This is a very uninteresting photo and does not look appealing.

This pub has taken a great picture of the cocktail, with a good filter and the right number of hashtags.

All spirits brands are on Instagram because the platform works. Showing the perfect serve drink from an interesting perspective.

Just posting POS or a blackboard is not interesting. Also, remember to make sure you spell it correctly.

A perfect serve G&T works really well with the right number of hashtags.

If you are a dog-friendly pub, that will work really well on Instagram. But using the right number of hashtags, such as #dogsofinstagram make a big difference as to how the post does.

This picture is a nice picture, but not many hashtags. 

This is a nice picture & has enough hashtags.