This weekend could put a strain on your pint-pulling muscles.

Not only is it St Patrick's Day on Saturday but the weekend is dominated by sport with the FA Cup quarter-finals taking place and the final round of the Six Nations as well.


Ireland could be on for a Grand Slam if they win at Twickenham which means your sales of Guinness could go through the roof.

With that in mind we thought it could be handy to have a few St Pat's stats up your sleeve...


He wasn't called Patrick.

Well, not at first. He was born Maewyn Succat and started out as a pagan. He turned to Christianity after being sold into slavery. He became a bishop and spread the word, later taking the name Patrick.


It's his death day

Patrick, as he was then known, died on March 17 461AD. So we celebrate him on his deathday, not his birthday.


Pub parades

At just 77ft, one of the shortest St Patrick's Day parades takes place between The Weigh Inn and The Lee Valley in Dripsey, Cork. Can you team up with a pub neighbour to beat that?



The Black Stuff

Guinness is a popular brew at the best of times, selling 5.5million pints around the world every day. That number doubles on March 17.


It was a dry day

Up until 1970 St Patrick's was a religious festival in Ireland. It became a national holiday and the drink has been flowing ever since.