A pub in Balham, London, has found a unique spin on holding speed dating nights – adding nudity to the event.

The aptly named Exhibit bar began advertising for the night a few weeks ago and has already sold out of male tickets.

The event on March 22 and run by Date in a Dash was conceived after the pub got inspiration from Channel 4 show Naked Attraction, in which participants chose a date based on their naked bodies.

In a promotional page for the event, the pub outlines the details.

It says: "Just like Naked Attraction which features men and women selecting from a range of potential dates, entirely naked, our brand new naked speed dating will do the same.

"On arrival to our venue, eager speed daters will be given dressing gowns to change into. From here on in, all guys and girls in attendance will line up facing one another and then reveal themselves to each other.

"Exactly how much you choose to reveal is entirely up to you so don't be deterred! We are operating a clothes optional policy so for the more frivolous you can choose to bare all, or if you prefer, you can keep your underwear on."

Then, the instructions reveal, once you've got your kit off, you promptly then have to put it on again, grab a (well-needed) drink from the bar, and then begin speed dating.

So it is less truly naked dating, and more a quick flash, followed by a traditional speed dating night.

The bar admits that there may be some potential customers sceptical of the event.

It says: "While the old saying goes 'Don't judge a book by its cover' is very true, our naked speed dating in London helps to solidify the importance of getting to know someone and see beyond physical attraction.

"That said, the importance placed on appearance, and the information we obtain from appearance, whether consciously or unconsciously, is something to which we can all relate."

Would you consider such an event?