Facebook page stories appear on the right side of you page and exist to inform customers about your business.



Stories exist to give you a space on the page where customers can see what your business is about. Introduced in Jan 2018, many pubs have not filled them out leaving a large grey unfilled space on the page.

  1. To fill out your story follow these instructions
  2. Find the grey box on the right of the page which reads ‘Our Story’ on the right side of your business page.
  3. Click the like which reads: Tell people about your business.
  4. You then need to add a picture which represents your pub.
  5. Add a title, which is probably best set as your pub name.
  6. Fill out the description box. This can be as long as you need it to be. But be sure to mention all of the unique selling points from your business here.
  7. Press Publish

This will now be listed in the box. You can go back and repeat this process as and when you need to. We suggest you change the picture seasonally.