Beer gardens in sunny weather are great for bringing in customers. Letting people know you have an outside space on Social Media in the right way can keep that garden filled more often.

One of the most effective ways to post on Social Media about beer gardens is to use the live functions. These get much higher reach. Why not add a video of your beer garden as you are setting it up. Or just before you open. If you show people how good it looks right they may come in for lunch or to take in the sun with a drink. Remember to sit any offers you may have on or any events you have on that day too.

 For general posting to Facebook, avoid using the same image every time. It always best to create something new. Facebook does review pictures and if they have already been posted to a page. Adding something new will ensure you get higher reach. 

 Why not add a Snap to Snapchat to the local Snap map. This will be visible by Snapchat users in your local geography. It will help them find you if they have never been to your business. Plus your regular followers can still see the Snap so may head to the pub for a pint.

Instagram stories similar to Snaps above can be used to show the outside space. If you are sunny show it off on your story. Stories are designed to show people what they are missing out on and what better than the sun outside your pub.

Using this right hashtags on Instagram 8-12, will make a big difference to your pub's post being seen or not. It may be a nice picture but if you don't add enough to it then it won't be seen by a sufficient number of people.

As with Instagram, ensuring that you have the right hashtags will make a big difference to your posts reach & visibility. With the right hashtags, you can reach those new customers.