Most pubs and their customers will want to see England advance at the World Cup this summer. But how they see events unfold comes down to your screen choices.

You could settle for that old set in the corner or you could look at some alternative options that could really put your pub in the picture...


TV's outside? In this country, with our weather?

Aqualite Outdoor boss Kim Mennen says his company has provided TVs to businesses based in Finland with temperatures of -35˚C and in the Middle East, where the mercury can rise to 40˚C. That should just about cover the vagaries of a British summer.

He explains: "They started to become popular when the smoking ban came in, so people could go outside and not miss the action. Now lots of places have them just because people enjoy being able to see what's going on outside.

The World Cup is one of our busier times, along with the Summer and Winter Olympics."


Won't they get damaged?

These are heavy pieces of kit, built to withstand rain, sun or even very angry customers.

Kim continues: "We had one pub tell us that when England went out of the last World Cup someone was so angry that they threw a pint glass at the TV but it bounced back in his direction, which resulted in a cheer from the other customers."




Can't I just put a telly in a protective box?

You can, and that is certainly a cheaper option but they could be more susceptible to theft or damage than the purpose-built sealed units.

What about the three years, 11 months and two weeks when England aren't in the World Cup?

If there's nothing decent on the telly you can always use the screens for advertising. They have USB connection points so you can display promotions or even advertise what games are coming up next. Or you could sell advertising to local businesses.

You can also digitally link TVs to show the same promotions at multiple pubs or throughout an estate. As well as in pubs, you might see similar screens at train stations, theme parks or any time you happen to be on a luxury yacht...


It sounds expensive....

Due to the elements they must withstand and being designed to minimise glare, it is going to cost more for an outdoor TV than your regular telly.


Can I hire one?

You can hire outdoor screens from numerous companies, or just do what Trish Baldwin at The Bell By The Green in Devizes, Wiltshire, is doing. She and partner James Blake (pictured together below) took over the tenancy at the Wadworth's-owned sports bar in March.

There are 14 screens inside the pub – ranging from 55-inch to 75-inch – but she wanted an alternative option for the summer.



"We have a big car park and we are going to put up a marquee for the duration of the tournament," she says. "We are hiring a 110-inch TV for it, which will be big enough for 150 people to see. We are also going to run a bottle bar outside to speed up service."

Trish hires all the TVs in the pub rather than buying them outright. She explains: "We considered buying, but with hiring if something goes wrong you can just phone up the company (Chantry Digital) and they will replace it rather than you having to go out and buy a new set."


Toilet television

Phil Cutter, landlord at award-winning Norwich freehouse The Gardeners Arms, known locally as The Murderers, believes his was the first pub to have TVs installed in the toilets.

He says: "Sport is a great way to get people coming back to pubs and through having TVs in our toilets our customers don't miss a moment of the action."





You don't want the telly going into standby at a vital moment because it has been on too long.


For England games fans will want to hear commentary above the din of the pub, so make sure speakers and zoning systems are in order.


The World Cup is being broadcast in 4K (Ultra HD) by FIFA and the BBC has confirmed that 29 games will be shown on 4K through iPlayer. However the service will be restricted to a first come first served basis so make inquiries now if you want to be among those that can show it. It is understood ITV has no plans in place to show games in 4K.