Nothing brings the nation together like a World Cup – but how can you make your pub the place where scores of fans huddle to celebrate wildly or sob sadly into their pints?


We asked the experts for their World Cup business-building tips and for some goose-bump-inducing memories of tournaments gone by.


1. Godfrey Cook

Position: Left back and owner of Game On Sports Lounge in Totton, Southampton

World Cup memory: Gazza's Tears at Italia '90. As a 14-year-old boy I couldn't get why the tears happened – public sign of emotion from a man!

World Cup tip: Start selling your World Cup sweepstakes early and ensure the draw is made on a quiet night. It's a sure-fire way of getting punters in for a few beers to see who they get.



2. Michelle Payne



Position: Owner of Ingate Free House, Beccles, Suffolk

World Cup memory: Best memory is the excitement and apprehension of everyone, all wanting to feel that unity, just hoping for that historical euphoric moment of the game!

World Cup tip: Our pub this year will create the atmosphere of the 'live' game. Flags of all participating countries outside the pub adorning the
walls and when they score we have someone on the drum and a whole heap of football songs leading up to the game. Televisions
outside and food stalls. No one will miss it.


3. Jonathan Fone



Position: Marketing executive at Stonegate

World Cup memory: The day Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals of 2014, in BRAZIL of all places. Surely
the biggest humiliation in the history of Brazilian football? – it gave us some small comfort as England fans after
an awful campaign that "at least that wasn't us".

World Cup tip: For me, it's got to be atmosphere – and this is all built from different components. The main ones we look at are zoning and
furniture, volume and music, and lighting. If those aren't just right, you'll be left with customers feeling switched off, uninterested,
and possibly even looking for somewhere better to watch next time.


4. Simon Delaney


Position: Gaffer at The Firbank in Manchester

World Cup memory: World Cup 2002 in Japan. There were early morning and afternoon kick-offs, which were unbelievably busy. We ran our "don't miss a game campaign" we'll phone in sick for you. We had lots of calls to make for England v Brazil and a 6am opening.

World Cup tip: VIP Seats, lots of table service, outdoor screens and adopt another team, just in case!


5. Phil Cutter

Position: Guv'nor at The Murderers, Norwich

World Cup memory: The 1990 World Cup semi-final: England v West Germany – The 'Gazza' game! The atmosphere was electric. In those days, the pub had two screens, but we put up another three! The pub was full and the noise like nothing else I've heard before or since.

World Cup tip: We have worked closely this year with the University of East Anglia international students. There is a large community of foreign students who we have seen coming into the pub to watch La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga etc. We have encouraged them to watch their national teams play in the World Cup. Hopefully, this will mean that we have a captive audience for not just the England games, but the home nations of the students as well.


6. David Vaira

Position: Marketing Controller at Sky Business

World Cup memory: As an Englishman, my abiding World Cup memory is... penalty shootout drama. This year must be our year!?

World Cup tip: Make the most of social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep customers up-to-date with what's on – you can find free downloadable social media assets advertising a combination of Fifa World Cup and Sky Sports content on



7. Matt Todd

Position: Boss at The Wonston Arms in Winchester

World Cup memory: Watching the World Cup in July 2010 in a Spanish bar in Fuerteventura with my wife. I watched Spain beat Netherlands to win the World Cup. It went mental, the owner gave free beer away and we had an amazing night around the town with the locals celebrating! It was like a carnival.

World Cup tip: I'm going to do a deep-cut offer off a pint till the first goal, say half-price beer. We will also have the Wonston sweepstake during the World Cup.


8. Stuart Bateman

Position: Gaffer at Batemans Brewery

World Cup memory: Woolpack, Wainfleet, 14 years old: 1974 Jan Tomaszewski, Poland Goalkeeper, called "a circus clown in gloves" by Brian Clough, broke my heart when he single-handedly knocked England out of the World Cup qualifiers at Wembley, ably assisted by Martin Chivers.

World Cup tip: Advertise the games well in advance, sell tickets for the best seats for charity and ALWAYS sell beer by the jug or offer
waitress/waiter service.



9. Trish Baldwin



Position: Partner at Wadworth's Bell by the Green, Devizes
World Cup memory: We didn't think we would have much success with the early kick-offs with the World Cup in 2002 (South Korea and Japan). We didn't do food at that pub but we had a friend's food shack outside and they were queuing at 5.30am. We had people outside looking in because we were so packed.
World Cup tip: When England go out, we usually pick another team out of the hat and get behind them for the rest of the tournament.


10. Dan Cramp

Position: Player/Coach at The Cat & Wickets Pub Co.
World Cup memory: So many (good and bad!). I have to go for Italia '90 – that David Platt goal against Belgium, Lineker's two pens against Cameroon, Gazza's tears and the fact that we came so, so close to winning it!
World Cup tip: Try to keep people in the pub after the full-time whistle to celebrate or commiserate. People tend to drift off once the game has
finished, so have an incentive for people to stay at your music, sports quiz etc. Tap into your brands for World Cup-related prizes.


11. Bruce Cuthbert


Position: Boss at BT Sport Business

World Cup memory: Back in 1986, for some reason we decided to do a mixed-sex three-legged pub crawl, so you were tied to someone for the entire night. We went to several pubs to watch England v Paraguay. It wasn't so easy then to find pubs showing the game. It was more like a TV on the end of the bar than a big pull-down screen.

World Cup tip: If you haven't started, plan what you are doing now and get your communications going, because it will be here before you know it. Also, think beyond the England games. In the first week Spain play Portugal on a Friday night (June 15) a great opportunity for pubs.