Pubs up and down the country are full of characters, conversation, and some of the most creative games you could imagine. Here are a few pub sports and variations on classics that your customers might want to try. Pub Olympics anyone?

Ringing the Bull

Equipment needed: A hook on the wall and a ring dangling from a piece of string on the ceiling.
Rules: Try to get the ring on the hook. Not as easy as it sounds.
Big in: Particularly popular in the pubs of Nottinghamshire.
Tip: Make sure there's nothing breakable too close to the playing area, especially when players have had a few.


Around the Clock

Equipment needed: Darts board and arrers.
Rules: Players take it in turns to go around the board from number one through to 20, finishing on the bullseye. Each player has three throws in a turn.
Big in: Anywhere that has a darts board
Tip: If players are mismatched, you can introduce a handicap system where better players get limited throws or have to hit a double or treble.




Darts Golf

Equipment needed: Darts kit.
Rules: Each number represents a hole, so players start at 1 and can play up to 9 or 18. Players get three throws at a hole. Rules vary but generally each section of the number counts as a different score – the triple is a "hole in one" the double is two strokes, the biggest section of the number is four and the thinner wedge three. Miss the number and you score five. The player with the lowest score over the course of the round wins.
Big in: Popular across the land and was one of the games the Leicester City squad played to relax during their title-winning season in 2016.
Tip: If the interest is there you could create a pub Ryder Cup tournament to coincide with the main event this autumn.



Equipment needed: Three coins of any denomination per person.
Rules: Each player draws a number of coins between zero and three and conceals them in a clenched fist. Players take it in turns to guess how many coins the players are collectively holding. Get the number on the nose and you are out, which means you're not buying the round.
Big in: All over the world with big tournaments in the UK held at Cambridge Rugby Club and the Bull at Benenden in Kent.
Tip: Spoof is a civilised game and some players insist on a "no gloating" rule when guessing the correct number of coins.



Killer Pool

Equipment needed: Pool table, chalk and blackboard.
Rules: Anyone can play and the aim, like most cue sport, is not to miss. Each player has one shot at a time. If you miss you put a 'K' up next to your name. Subsequent misses result in the next letter of 'Killer' being written down. The first one to have the full word next to them is buying the drinks.
Big in: Any pub that has retained a pool table rather than creating more space
for dining.
Tip: There are Killer versions of darts and skittles as well.



Shove Ha'penny

Equipment needed: A table and a coin, or a shove ha'penny board
Rules: Vary from place to place but the aim is to shove the coin to the edge of a table or in between the lines on the board.
Big in: From playgrounds to
the pub.
Tip: If players are better at throwing than shoving they could try Pitch Penny instead, which involves chucking a coin across a room into a hole – similar to Toad in the Hole, which is played in pubs in Sussex.


Football Focus

Equipment needed: A TV, plus a stick or anything that can be easily passed around.
Rules: The game starts with one player holding the stick and they have to pass it on whenever the game stops for a goal, corner, free-kick or throw-in. The person left holding it at full-time wins the pot.
Big in: Could be big all summer with the World Cup on the way.
Tip: Instead of playing for a pot, players can play to buy the next round.


Got game?

We know this list is just a starter and we are always keen to hear more about the crazy and creative things that pass for entertainment in pubs. Do you have a unique game that customers play or are you champions at a traditional game? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will cover the best ones.