Most pubs sell wine and here are some ideas for how to promote wine on each platform in the best way.



On all of the main Social Media Platforms promoting wine in the right way can have a big impact on your wine sales. Here is a guide to how best to promote wine on each of the main 3 social media platforms.

Facebook promotions should always be part of any plan to promote your pub on Social Media. A combination of different types of post are best to keep the message fresh and get the best reach. Ask questions and encourage people to like the post. In this instance the pub have used the Boomerang:


Always consider using different video content posts on Facebook including Live such as in this instance:

Instagram and wine are a perfect match. A pub can use this to their advantage to push their wine sales. Here are some examples of how to promote wine on the platform.

Here the pub has used a meme/photo editor. This is simple way to promote wine and if you use the correct text you can get a lot of interaction.

Take a great picture of all of your selection. Remember to use 6-12 hashtags to get the best amount of reach.

Take a picture of the wine in situ with a meal. Food posts are huge part of Instagram so linking in will always get higher reach

Twitter is still a platform you should consider as part of your promotion. Here are some pubs which have posted in the correct ways to drive footfall to their pubs.


Link the wine into the general hashtags you have used before which have bee successful. Add in others such as #Winelovers or geographic hashtags like #London or #Wandsworth . 

#WineWednesday takes place every week and you can always link into that on Twitter and on Instagram. 

Just as with Facebook, always consider ways you can create Video content as it always gets more interaction.