Here is a guide on how best to promote popular summer drinks like cider, cocktails and gins on Social Media.



During the summer, many drinks will bring in more customers than others. Ales & Standard lagers are not as refreshing during hot weather. Instead, customers will look to ciders, fruity cold cocktails and your selection of gins. Here is a guide on the best practice on how to promote these drinks online.


Facebook should be the platform you look to 1st when you are promoting drinks as it is the largest platform in terms of users.

One of the easiest ways to promote your summer drink is to run a competition. Like & comment competitions are a great way to get higher reach. Make sure you list the terms & conditions somewhere accessible ( best is a Facebook note). Here is a good example of a pub running one of these competitions. Remember Like & Share Competitions are prohibited by Facebook. 

If you have any limited drinks available, make sure you show that on Facebook. New things always get more reach and better engagements.

If you have a beer garden, showcase the garden & drink together. Nothing attracts customers more on any social media than a sunny garden and a refreshing tasty looking drink.

Videos & live get by far the highest reach on Facebook. Take some simple videos of making cocktails or people talk through your summer drinks selection and emphasise why it is refreshing.


Instagram & Summer go hand in hand. The photographic nature of Instagram means that if you have a good picture or video of a cocktail or drink in your garden it will work as a post or a story.

Here is a lovely picture of a Gin & Tonic in a beer garden. This got a lot of reach as it was a good picture and they have used a sufficient number of the hashtags.

You don’t have to do to construct a good picture. Just a simple post of a cold beer in your garden will be very effective.

Also, use your Instagram Stories to promote your pub. The stickers and drawing tools are really useful in engaging customers online. Remember, Stories appear at the top of the feed when you login.



Twitter is really useful for showcasing what you have going on right now and trending. The weather is always trending on Twitter in some way. Linking good weather to your posts and drinks can make Twitter very effective for the pub.

Ask your suppliers to Tweet that you have their products. You can then retweet their posts to get better reach. Suppliers are usually keen to help with promotion.



Use the correct hashtags on Twitter. #summerdrinks #heatwave #summer are all things you should look to add to your posts get higher reach. Remember to add a good picture to all of your posts.


Just as with Facebook, Twitter videos get a significant reach across the board. Here as a simple video looking at the gin selection of the pub. It is more engaging and will help bring in more customers.