How best to promote your Pub’s Christmas package digitally.



Christmas is a big event for pubs with much of the year geared towards it and getting bookings for it. Demonstrating to your customers why they should book with you on your website & Social Media can make a big difference to your takings


Make sure you have listed all of your Christmas packages & menus on your website and change your website to tell customers where to go to find it. You should also ensure that your pricing options & booking information is clear. If a customer likes your menu but then struggle to contact you then you could lose their booking. If possible why not mock up a Christmas table in your pub and add some pictures to your website.


Facebook is still the biggest and most important of the platforms. You should look to add a regular post once a week from September onwards about booking for Xmas. Post your menu or pictures from last year. If you are sourcing local ingredients why not take pictures of the Turkeys from the farm or of the vegetable growing. Go live and talk people through your many different Xmas packages. Use the poll tool to ask questions, even it something simple E.g. Which do you prefer, Sprouts or Carrots?

Consider boosting & advertising on Facebook. See which of your posts are performing well then boost to your local area.


Growing more and more, Instagram is a perfect place to add pictures of anything Xmas related. Food pictures always work well so why not prep your food (maybe do a mock run on a Sunday for a roast) and take as many pictures as you can. You should add a post a week and add some posts to your stories.  Here are a selection of the best Christmas hashtags to add: #HolidayEats, #Homemade, #HolidayMenu, #ChristmasDinner, #Cooking, #Recipe, #ChristmasCountDown, #ChristmasPresents, #ChristmasTradition, #ChristmasTree, #Decorating, #Christmas2018, #TisTheSeason, #SeasonsGreetings, #booknow #xmas #xmastime #xmascoutdown #xmasdinner


You can post more on Twitter and it is more likely to bring your more new customers. Once users of Twitter follow a business, there is a 92% chance they will visit you in the near future. This can mean that those looking for somewhere different to spend their Xmas meal or party may look at somewhere else. Look to get involved in trends too. If something in the news is taking place, why not write link your Xmas posts into it to get higher reach E.g. #Brexit getting you down. Think of Xmas. You can book your party or meal now with us.