A guide the things you need to be doing on your phone to get the best quality Instagram pictures in your pub. 



Instagram is progressively more and more a part of any pub’s Social Media. But knowing how to take pictures in the right way for the platform is important. Here is a guide to things to consider when taking pictures for the platform.

What to shoot?

Plan what you want to shoot. Deciding ad hoc what you want to take pictures of will lead to photos which don’t work on Instagram. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this. But think, what time is going to be best to take a picture, of what to take it of and where.

When considering what to take pictures of, first start looking with your eye not through the phone. Look first at what you are taking your photo and think about what you are going to take a photo of. Consider where it would be best to shoot from. Is it from the angle that makes it look the best? Would you be best taking it from the side, above? Think of the angle you want to take it from. E.g. Taking a picture from the side of a burger or pie the side might not look as good as a photo would from above.


Making sure your photos look good is very much to do with lighting. Natural light works best for photos, so always try to take pictures in the daytime. If you can make sure your subject is in a place where the light is even across the subject. Avoid using the flash for photos. At night time, try to use lighting from other sources than the flash. Experiment with where is good to stand or position the camera for pictures. E.g. If you were taking a picture of a G & T, make sure its light all around the picture and not dark in any way.

You will also need to make sure that there is enough light. When you look through the viewfinder, do the pictures look like it looks in real life? If not then maybe try using a different setting within the camera. Most phones have different options for taking photos which can help with environments e.g. Shade or Daylight.

Settings to turn or off

On the camera, make sure HDR is turned off. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and not anything to do with the similarly named HD High Definition.

Are you sure that you will get the picture in one shot? If not you should try turning on the burst option. This will take several pictures at once and then you can pick the best from that.

Turn on the grid settings on the phone. This will help when taking your pictures. When you then take pictures you should try to line up the guide with the key parts of your photo. Research suggests that people when looking are photos look at the places roughly where those lines intersect. If that happens people with unconsciously likeyouru pictures. For instance, f you are taking a picture of a pint. Make the lines match up with the levels of the pint such as where the head of the pint starts.

Quality over Quantity

Many pubs will take many pictures of many things and endlessly upload them without considering what does or does not work. It is best to take a few quality photos instead of lots of not very good shots.

Remember the more you try this the more you will learn. So feel free to play around with different things on your phone. See what looks or good when considering the above. The more you practice to learn how to take better pictures the better your shots will turn out.