Many pubs change their menu throughout the year. Promoting this in the right way on Social Media can make a big difference to bringing in footfall to the pub. 



New menus come in every week, month quarter or year. Each time you change it you should look to promote this online as change often brings in new customers or returning customers to try the new dishes on the menu. Here is a selection of ideas on how to promote your new menu online.


As soon as you have finalised your menu, make sure you list this on your website. Often pubs will change it on the day of the change or after. Listing your new menu in advance of new menu start will help customers see those new dishes. You don’t necessarily have to add the price till it goes on sale either. If people have heard about the food first they are less likely to consider the price.

Social Media in General

Launch a countdown to them menu launch and post every few days. Ideally, you would post 2-3 weeks from the start on the new menu. Add a post with a new dish or getting ready for the start. Aim to create buzz around the menu launch as much as possible


We always recommend that pub’s use Facebook Live. It gets a much greater level of reach that other types of post. To promote a new menu there are a plenty of ways to use live to promote it.

  • Interview the chef who makes the food. Have him discuss the new dishes on the menus, the ingredients that go into them and also where those ingredients come from (particularly the local ingredients.
  • Have the dishes prepared as a test. Once they are prepared, talk them through each of the dishes and show them. NB If you think about the moments in shows like Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmare when the reveal a new menu.
  • Film the preparation of the new dishes. Talk them through all of the preparation and include the plating up.
  • On the day of the launch, film a live of the first dishes being served.
  • #Newmenu – 590692
  • #Menu – 27361886
  • #Food – 297396353

Setup a Facebook event on your pub page to promote the launch. List the new dishes and then encourage people to book. If you can post this several times in the run-up to the launch. Add more detail to the event information as you get closer to the launch date.

Take some time to find the local groups for your area on Facebook. Look for things like ‘Carlisle local’ or ‘Swansea Community’ or even ‘Kimpton Village Association’. Post about the new menu in these groups. People in these groups respond and engage more within the groups and this helps to create buzz.


Hashtags are the most important things to consider when posting on Instagram. Aim to use 12 hashtags with your post. Make sure you use the correct terms. Here are the suggestions & numbers of the times they have been posted:


  • #Newmenu – 590692
  • #Menu – 27361886
  • #Food – 297396353



Use Instagram Stories for your countdown. These last 24 hours so try to show a different aspect of the new menu every day. You should always add music and other stickers to your posts to get that reach and engagements up.

Download the apps from Instagram. Boomerang, Superzoom & Giant Square. These are all apps designed to make your posts on Instagram better. Download them and play around the tools. Then consider the ways you can enhance your new menu posts to Instagram.


Similarly to Instagram, make sure you are using the hashtags. Whilst you cannot see the amounts these posts have been added, these themes will be the same on Twitter. You only need to add 2 some make sure you consider which will work best on the platform.

Live works just as well on Twitter as it does on Facebook. Try using these tool in the same ways stated above.

If you are looking at what you should try adding to the menu why not use the poll tool to ask people what they think you should add to the menu. Ask them if they want more burgers or more salads. Then ask them which new salad they want.