The differences between those who have access to your pub’s Google business listing. 



Once you have taken control of your business listing, you may need to give other access to ensure that they keep the listing up to date. You may need others to respond to reviews, add Google posts and generally keep the listing up to date. Here are the key differences between the business listing on Google.


Owners are the highest level of user on Google business. You can have as many as 10 owners. If you have more than one then one person will be set to the primary owner. They can remove other owners. These users can do everything on the platform. There are no restrictions and they invite others to manage the listing. You should aim to have yourself only as the owner.


Owners can do everything except invite other users to the page. This should be done for managers & assistant manager who need that level of access.

Communications Manager

Communications managers can only respond to reviews and nothing else. This should be for agencies or for specific managers who will respond to reviews.


How to check users and add new ones

To invite new users, log in to your Google business listing and select the users from the tabs along the left. This will open a new dialogue box where the current users. At the bottom of this, you can select ‘Add user.’ You can then enter the email address of the person you want to add. That person will need to set up a Google account.