At the most wonderful time of year, it is important to promote your Christmas drinks on your Social Media the right way. 




Your website is their first place your customer will visit when considering which venue they wish to visit. If they are considering if they want to visit your venue, ensuring that you have those unique selling points listed on your website will help you bring customers to your pub. Along with your Christmas menu listed, you should list your special festive drinks & cocktails to increase your chances of getting a customer to visit your venue.


You should begin to post about the drinks from November onwards to Facebook. You should initially post the menu. But repeatedly posting the menu should be avoided as it will reduce your reach.

Take pictures of the ingredients being delivered for your mulled wine, or take a video of you making it. Try to use the tools on your camera to do this.

Many pubs underutilize Facebook Live. Think about using it to promote your drinks. As you make your Mulled wine, why not set up your camera to show you making it or preparing any of your drinks. Talk through the cocktails on your Christmas drinks list.  Think about how you want to write a drinks post, and then think about how you can use live to add it.

Mulled Cider is a drink which many pubs will begin to promote from October onwards and particularly over Christmas  Here are some examples of effective posts of Mulled Cider over Christmas. In these examples, the picture shows a nice warming fire and also that pub is dog-friendly.

Mulled Wine: 


Mulled Cider:


Over the festive period, many different cask breweries sell a seasonal beer. When you get these on the bar you should look to add them to our social media. Take a picture of the beer being served. Here is a good example: 

Christmas bottled ales:


The best posts on Instagram use the best hashtags. Here are a selection of different hashtags to use for different types of images & videos:

Mulled wine -#Mulled #wine #mulledwine #Festivewine #xmasmulledwine

Mulled cider: #Cider #mulledcider #tastycider #ciders #festivecider

Post: #port #tawnyport #ports #taylorport

Irish coffee: #coffee #irishcoffee #specialcoffee #latte #xmascoffee

Xmas ales: #ales #ale #beer #festiveale #xmasales #xmasbeers #rudolphbeer

Remember that it is best to post using 10-14 hashtags with your post.

In regards to the types of pictures that work consider how to show the drinks in an artistic way. The better the pictures look the better they will look. Here are some great pictures from Instagram advertising some Christmas drinks:

Mulled Wine:

Mulled cider:


Mix up your posts and what they say each time. Homemade & modern products like gin, wine & liqueur’s work very well. Beer posts will only do well if the picture is of sufficient quality.


If you post in the right way, posting to Twitter is a great way to get customers into your pub. Unlike Instagram, it is more about being a part of a wider community based on hashtagged terms.

Ales do better on Twitter than on other platforms. Many of the breweries will re-post your posts as long as you tag them. Having special festive beers can influence local customer on where they head for their drinks meet up.

When selecting hashtags, use 1-2 terms, no more than 4. Make that small number count. These will be similar to those listed above but choose the ones you think will work. If you are not sure, try different terms until you find one that gets you more likes, retweets and reach.

Here are some good tweets which you can copy in your pub:


Mulled wine: