Chris Birdsell-Jones, is a full-time pub manager of the Smithfield Bell, Welshpool and a part-time fireman.

He has orchestrated a cover of Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas featuring a choir formed by fire service personel from every service in the UK.

Under the band name The Fire Tones, the single will raise money for The Firefighter Charity and the Band-Aid's Charity Trust.

Chris had to get permission from Sir Bob Geldof for the song and then co-ordinate the recording which includes staff from all parts of the UK fire service, including call centre staff. The odds of it getting the top spot in the charts this Christmas are currently estimated at 2:1.

Chris is part of the retained firefighting service, a group of individuals who operate on call for the National Fire and Rescue Service, meaning that they can be called away for an emergency at any time.

Everyone who works for the service also has a full-time job, in Chris's case running a busy Marston's pub serving up to 1,000 customers a week.





"On hearing Chris's story, we couldn't believe he had managed to pull this all off," said Marston's head of marketing Sarah Isherwood.

"We are 100 per cent behind Chris and The Fire Tones and have our fingers crossed for him over the Christmas period."

The single is available to pre-order now from Amazon and will be available to stream via iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Back in 2016, staff and punters at The Woodstock Arms, Oxfordshire tried for the Christmas number one, with a rendition of dedicated to 89-year-old regular Pete Adams, who was born in the pub itself.