A pub has created a homemade video in a bid to get people to put down their smartphones and bring back conviviality to boozers during the Christmas period.


The film, titled Digital DeHoughx, focuses on how technology impacts JJ Hough’s pub in Banager, County Offaly, Ireland, and was produced by the boozer’s manager, Gerald Hough.

He made the video to promote discussions about smartphones and how it impacts family life and the pub trade.
He told the Press Association: “It’s a social commentary on technology and how it’s not all bad, but also how we can use them to our benefit and improve our lives."
The film follows an older man who is annoyed by pub goers and their smartphones, so he uses a chainsaw to cut down a nearby telegraph pole.
As a result, the people ditch their phones and gather in the local pub to enjoy Christmas together.
In an amusing closing shot, the old man gets a smartphone as a present for Christmas, using it take a selfie with the pub crowd, and then becomes obsessed with the device himself. 
The music is provided by Gerald’s cousin, Ultan Conlon, which he describes as having a “nice melancholic ring to it”.
Gerald said: “I don’t want people to cast away technology, it’s more about how we can have balance and a bit of harmony between the analogue people and the digital people.”
It is Gerald’s third film at Christmas for the pub. The first one focused on a man losing a present and the second tackled loneliness during the festive period.