A guide to what the Insights on Instagram are, and what they mean. 



Once you have setup your Instagram account, it is important to see how effective it is. To get your Insights your profile needs to be setup as a business profile. If it is not, check out our article on how to do this.

Insights will tell you what your customers are looking at and you can use this to shape your Social Media message and get more from it.

Impressions - The number of times your post has been seen.

Reach - The number of times a person has seen this post for the first time.

Website clicks – How many times someone has licked through to your website from Instagram

Profile visits – How many times users have clicked through to your profile.

Discover - In the discovery page, will tell you how many people

You can also check your times and days of engagement. Check them all out on the discover page or on each post.