Danny Grayson and James Dobson teamed up to launch micro sports bar concept Sport Shack in September. They have already opened three venues in Sheffield and are aiming to expand the business across Yorkshire.

Plate or slate

DG: We serve in baskets here. We do hand held food: hot dogs and paninis, so there are no fancy plates that could get dropped on the floor. We would never serve on slate, I think that is totally wrong in every way, shape and form!


Cocktails or cask ale

DG: Cask ale. Through and through. This is Sheffield.
JD: We normally have two cask ales from a local brewery, mainly Bradfield and Abbeydale. We'll do seasonal ones at Christmas and things like that as well.


Background music or silence is golden
DG: Background music but low, not blasting out. Low background music that complements the atmosphere except when the big games are on, then we will always have the commentary on.


Wear what you like or uniforms for the staff
JD: It's casual but we do have a polo shirt. So it is that plus jeans and trainers. There's an identity but its relaxed.



Dyson Airblade or hand towels
DG: Blue roll and hand wash. It's the future. You can dry your hands quickly and get back to the live sport and your pint. We have residential above and if we had an Airblade the noise would just upset the people. They are too loud.


Wellies or heels?
DG: Wellies. We are a down to earth place. Plus, I can't walk very straight in heels.


Cash or Apple Pay?
JD: It's more cash at our Hillsborough site and Apple Pay at Ecclesall Road. But it is more and more card every year.
DG: Students will buy a bag of crisps on a card. We are moving towards card only so let's embrace it.


Family friendly or keep the kids at home
DG: Family friendly, bring your kids to watch the football. It's a nice atmosphere, we are not full of rowdy lads.
JD: We get a lot of families coming in especially before games at Hillsborough and Bramall Lane. Around Hillsborough a lot of the pubs are no kids allowed. Well behaved children and well behaved dogs.



Shabby chic or design shrine?
DG: It's shabby chic here with the exposed brickwork. Though we like to call it shacky chic.


Find a seat or book online
DG: Please just get down early and find a seat. There's no point trying to book in advance. We've got five tables so it's just not fair. We are not going to start reserving tables and have no shows.