The Cricket World Cup is in England this summer. Here is a guide on how to promote the games in the pub in your pub.




To generate Interest on Facebook, make sure you have initially changed your cover image to reflect that the pub is showing the world cup. Remember your header image is for regular customers and new customers are aware that you are showing it.

The Tournament is being shown on Sky. All of the World Cup assets are available on Sky and through Inapub’s website manager tool on Social Connect. If you don’t have logins, contact Inapub or Sky to get access to their platforms.

Set up an event and invite your followers to attend. If you set up one event for the whole tournament, then edit the event with the week’s fixtures to make sure attendees know which games you are showing. Concentrate on the bigger teams which are England, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Any of the games involving and 2 of these will be a highlight and attract more customers.

Follow all of the teams, big players and grounds on Facebook. In the run-up to the game and often after they will post fun pictures which you can share to your page as your posts to generate interest.

Plan out a live video with you and your staff to generate interest the cricket. All you need to do is talk about showing the world cup and any promotions you have as part of it.


With all of your posts make sure you are using 6-12 hashtags. The best hashtags for the World Cup will be: #CWC19 #Englandcricket #cricket #cricketworldcup #worldcupcricket #ecb #eoinmorgan

If you can, post the different fixtures to your Instagram Story each day. Keeping it in the minds of your followers that you are showing the games and when they are on.

If you have any food you think followers will enjoy watching the game, post those and use the above hashtags. Here is a post from the Football World Cup which is not necessarily about football, but links into it. If you can advertise food and cricket, then that will work well for you.


Run a vote each world cup game to predict who will win each game. If you use the correct hashtag #CWC19 each time you will get lost of engagement and then that will be seen by more potential customers.

Tweet the players involved. Many players engage with followers over fun tweets. Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Virat Kohli and more are all on Twitter. Engage and tag them in your content.


You should ensure that your website updates with all of the fixtures. Have them update day today. If you need help with this Inapub’s Social Connect will have all of the fixtures listed and can plug into your website.