A guide to how to promote the Wimbledon tennis championship & summer in your pub.



Wimbledon is a great way in which you can generate sales through the summer using tv sport. The tournament runs for 2 weeks and is watched by a different demographic of customers than perhaps you would usually associate tv sport with, widely different from the Premier League crowd. If Andy Murray or Johanna Konta go all the way it can give you a boost i


Ensure you set up an event to Facebook & keep it update it every week with all of the details. Listing the day’s fixtures every day. Anyone who has shown interest or set to be attending will see this every time you update the details.

Run some boosted posts for a £1 a day. If you have set up an event you could boost that. Target people who follow Andy Murray and the other big players on Facebook. You will reach those who are most likely to attend.

Change your cover picture to ensure that it shows you are showing Wimbledon. Try to include offers of Pimm’s, Strawberries & Cream &. If you stock any of these, try contacting your supplier for digital support.

Do a live video of your pub preparing for Wimbledon. Something as simple as talking to the camera about what you are doing. If you have a beer garden with grass, make sure to link that into your video.

Run a poll and ask customers who will win the competition or which player will win each match each day. Pick the biggest players. When posting stating the estimated time that the game will take place.


Wimbledon is the kind of event which works very well on Instagram. Due to the bright colours of the event, images associated with it fit the aspirational vibe of the platform.

Post every 48 hours, with something related to the tournament. Don’t just post images of fixtures as this will not work on Instagram. Add those fixtures to the caption. Images of POS & posters will not work.

The most popular hashtags for Wimbledon will be: #Wimbledon #wimbledon2019 #andymurray #grasscourt #sw19 #tennis #pimms #Wimbledontennis ##instatennis #instasport

Follow all of the big players & brands. You can see what they post & respond to it as it comes through. Engaging back in Instagram naturally brings you higher reach.

Your story will be a key way to keep customers informed. Let them know each day the products you are selling & the games you have. IF Murray and/or Konta advance try to relate what you are doing to them in the story.


As with Facebook, ensure you change the header image the top of the page to something related to Facebook.

Twitter is much more about immediate trends happening. So be aware of the games going on and getting the hashtags right for that. E.g. for Murray vs Nadal the hashtag would be MurvNad.

Also, remember to use all of the tags for products & players. For example, follow pat Cash in order that you can retweet & comment on any commentary points he makes.

Here is some great post to Twitter which you can emulate in your pub.