Here are some ideas to try in your pub to promote the start of the new Premier League season.



The Premier League is often the main reason many customers visit a pub (or not) throughout the year. Ensuring that customers know what games you have showing and also what offers, food & drink you have available can make the difference between a quiet weekend and a busy weekend.

Here is a selection of ideas for promoting the start of the Premier League Season in your pub.


Your cover image is the first places people will look at when they visit your Facebook page. You should use it to advertise the key things & events you have going on in your pub. Use the assets available to you from Sky & BT sport to demonstrate the start of the season. You could even run a countdown to the first game.

Create a Facebook event for the 1st weekend of the season. Events re-appear in timelines near the time and whenever you add more information. Set it up and add some initial information, then add more each day to keep reminding people.

Start to use video to promote the pub instead of static posts. Record a video of yourself talking about the new season. Video gets higher reach than other forms of posts, especially live.

Use the key features of boosting & ads to target the relevant kinds of customers Boosting allows you to target by interest. So you can target those who follow the Premier League, the big clubs & other prominent football Facebook pages. For as little as £1 you can push posts to these people. In this way, you can reach more customers, particularly new customers.


The easiest way to reach people on Instagram is to use the right number of hashtags. All of your posts should have 6-12 hashtags on them. Here are the key hashtags you should use to promote the Premier League: #PremierLeague #Football #sports #livesport #football #newseason #livefootball #premierleaguepub

Your stories should always be fresh and have something you have happening each day. Post a countdown each day showing something in your pub. It’s a simple way to remind people. You can post a simple picture and add your own text. Have fun with it.

Don’t post images of Sky or BT Sport. These won’t amplify your reach. You will do better if you post real things from your pub. Be it food, beer or something else, you can link them in using the hashtags. A lovely picture of a burger will do much better than a standard fixture asset. Here is an image from the 2018 World Cup which does just that.


Sports generally do better on Twitter as they can link to things in real-time. This allows you to comment on things that are happening which relate to the start of the season. The big signings which take place each day or even the rumours can be used to your advantage. For instance, a rumour about Pogba moving from Man Utd is trending throughout summer. Compose a tweet about your opinion of this and use the #Pogba. You can state you have live Premier League Football in the pub from the start of the season.

Run a vote through Twitter as to your followers think about the start of the Premier League season. Ask which of the big 4 teams you think will win. Tag them in the tweet. This will help you get reach. You can reach the fans of those clubs in this way and hopefully turn them into customers.