Will Buck is the manager of McMullen & Sons pub the Nags Head in Covent Garden. He has been with McMullen & Sons for 17 years, starting off at Saracens Head in Ware as an assistant Manager with his first taste of management in Windsor. Before McMullen's Will worked in Bristol for Greene King. In his spare time you can usually find him on the golf course or with his daughter.

Plate or slate?

I think plates will be the new hip way to eat this summer. We've gone through the time of these experimental platforms for eating good meals, especially traditional British cuisine as we serve at the Nags Head. Why would anyone want to eat off a slate?


Background music or silence is golden?

Background music, always useful when on a blind date if stuck for conversation! Just a little background noise makes the whole day flow easier.


Brass or chrome fittings?

Brass, especially in traditional pubs. It takes effort to clean, which is the only reason we now see chrome in traditional pubs but it can never compare. When you walk into a pub full of clean brass fittings you can tell that the establishment respects the building and will in turn respect its guests.


Menus online or on paper?

Paper. If I'm reading a menu online I might as well get it delivered to the house.


Karaoke or pub quiz?

Being the singer that I am, I would have to vote for pub quiz! Last time I sang karaoke I was told to sing Tenor. Ten or twelve miles away! 


You will always find a new way of doing something old in London.


 Big night out or a meal with friends?

I would definitely vote for the big night out as it saves on the washing-up. Being in central London means that there is always something new to try and something new to learn as well. You will always find a new way of doing something old in London.


Cash or Apple Pay?

I didn't realise Apple would pay for things for us! Most definitely would save my cash if they are so willing. But truthfully Apple or contactless payment is definitely on the rise and we see a lot more of it than guests carrying cash – could be argued that it's a lot safer.


Packet of scratchings or Michelin Stars?

Easy, as I don't like pork scratchings. I mean they are hairy!! How can people eat them?


Wear what you like or uniforms for the staff?

Wear what you like, we hire the team on personality so why would we then restrict that by telling them how to dress? I can understand that some guests like the traditional experience of having all of the team behind the bar wearing the same thing, covered in branded logos, but for me the true service comes from personality and interaction.


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