How best to promote Cask Ale Week on your pubs social media.



Cask Ale Week takes place from19th Sept to 29th Sept 2019. It is a great opportunity to promote your pub and increase Cask Ale in your pub online. Here some ideas for ensuring you take full advantage of this annual promotion on your website & social media.

Cask Ale Week

The 1st thing you can do is to visit the Cask Ale week Website & social media. The website has several resources for promoting the events and you can use these on your social media as well as on-site.

Cask Marque App

If you have a Cask Marque you should ensure that your pub is on the Cask Marque App. If you check on the app and make sure your site is listed. If not, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who can help you get listed.

If you are listed, then make sure you have the correct details listed. It gives you options to describe the type of ales you have in your pub.


You should ensure you have the fact that you are taking part in Cask Ale Week. Ensure you have this listed on your website as an event. You want to have this shown along with any other details such as discounts or tie in promotions.

List the ales you have available on your website. Many of your customers will expect to see the type and names of your beers on the website with the ABV & tasting notes. You should add these as and when you have them on for the promotional period. The Inapub Social Connect Platform allows you to do this and update your social media quickly and easily.

You should also ensure you inform your customers of how many ales you will have available to try over Cask Ale Week. Many of the ale drinkers will expect you to have the kinds of ale coming in listed also. Include Ruby, Porter and many more will all be expected. Ensure you include and ciders you have also.


You should set up an event as soon as you can on Facebook. You can set it up for the whole week and state in it the ales people can expect. You can then invite anyone from your profile to it. List any and all details in the event that you can. In the run-up to the event regularly update the event. Adding more detail each time anyone who has said they will attend or that they are interested will get a notification each time it is a great way to generate interest.

If you have not set the Cask Ales you want to stock during the event, why not run a Facebook vote. Select the ales you might stock and give people the option to choose the ales. Try different brands of the same type to ensure you get a good range. When you set up the votes remember to tag the brewery or brand to get higher reach on the site.

Run a countdown to the event using a Cask Ale Header Image. You can create one for your pub for free on Each week or day change it as we get closer and closer to the event. It will tell regular visitors to your page what is coming up and gives reasons for new customers to visit you.

Add at least 2 posts a week in the run-up and during the event about Cask Ale Week. It is useful to show people what you have going on. But ensure you phrase these post correctly. Ask questions, make (clean) jokes or pose problems. Examples could be:

What beers are you looking forward to trying during Cask Ale Week?

We have just ordered some Cask Ale for Cask Ale Week. Who wants to help us solve this problem?

Are you coming to save our beer? It’s stuck in a Cask.


As with everything on Instagram, it is best to use the right hashtags. Always try to use 10-12 hashtags with all of your posts. Here are the main hashtags to use with Instagram:

#realale #caskale #pubs #beer #craft#festival #pubgarden #beerfestival #celebrate #september #pubsofinstagram #brewery #brewerytour #tasting #CAMRA #party #aletrail #plan #activity

Always keep your pictures as clear and engaging as you can some good profiles for ideas check out There’s a beer for that, Beer Day Britain & Cask Ale Week. Their images work well on Instagram and show you the best kinds of images you should use.

Use your stories on Instagram. Think of things you can use to show Cask Ale Week every day. As the beer to be served is delivered, ask your get some glasses ready or anything which relates to Cask Ale Week. Post about that each day to drum up interest.


Similar to the above votes for Facebook, you can run votes on Twitter. Again if you tag the brewery you are more likely to reach the drinkers of that beer. The brewery will likely retweet the post and that again will help you reach those customers. If you then end up stocking that you can then get more beer sold.

Ensure you can use all of the above hashtags from the Instagram section. But ensure you use no more than 3-4 hashtagged terms. This will stop people from ignoring your post. Post with too many hashtagged terms and you will put customers off.