It's kick off time for the Rugby World Cup and if you've got plenty planned in your pub, you'll need to promote it on Social Media. Here's some ideas how...


Some of the games for the RWC start much earlier than other games. If you say you are showing the games, but they fall outside of the times you would automatically open, how are your customers to know? Ensure you have all of the matches with times listed on the site and change the opening hours too. If a customer is confused they might go elsewhere. Also, make sure you show them if they can order a beer at that time. Some pubs open but cannot sell alcohol. Show them that they can should they wish to. Also, make sure you can easily see where the games are visible.



Ensure you are following all of the best players and the home clubs via their pages. They will post news, videos & other information which you can use as your own content. Follow & find all of these players on the platform: Finn Russell (Scotland), Ben Smith (New Zealand), Owen Farrell (England), Liam Williams (Wales), Brodie Retallick (New Zealand), Mako Vunipola (England), Beauden Barrett (New Zealand), Alun Wyn Jones (Wales). They will all post about games, preparation and provide other content which you can use and share to promote your business.



Start a Facebook event for the Tournament. Initially start off with the Group stage. Add something new to the event every day. This will keep the people who see, attend or list themselves as being interested will see that information from the notification they received. This will keep it in their mind. You can then change the dates of it once the Group stage has passed.

Facebook has recently added a tab on mobile for Video Content only. This is where any of your followers will visit to see that content. Facebook gives a greater amount of reach to video content, compared to other content. Imagine a way in which you can create video content. The simplest way is to just talk to the camera. Talk the customers & followers through what you have going on in your pub for the RWC. Fixtures, offers  & special ales will all be of interest to them.

Speak to your suppliers about getting assets for the RWC. Heineken sponsors the RWC and so they will have assets which tie into this for Facebook. Speak to your rep and supplier about getting these as they will be of great use to showcasing your RWC activity. For those pubs which have real ales, you will probably have some kind of themed Rugby ale for the world cup. Make sure you know which one this is and you can post about this. Many breweries will have assets which you can also use to post about these ales.



One of the most important things to do is to link in the hashtags you use on Instagram to the RWC. You should look to use at least 6 of these hashtags with any RWC post: #RWC #Rugbyworldcup #rugby #englandrugby #scotlandrugby #irelandrugby #walesrugby #instarugby rugbyworldcup2019 #rwc2019 #worldrugby #rugby4life #rugbylife #superrgby #rugbygram



Look to take some pictures of your product offering and link it into the above hashtags. If you think about the food and drink you have, take good pictures of those products. If your caption & hashtag the correct way then your post will showcase the food or drink and the Rugby.

Similar to Facebook, you should look to follow all of the international clubs and the players. The algorithm of Instagram links people into those people who follow certain kinds of profile on the platform. Instagram will show people the profile which posts about & follows the same kinds of profiles as them. So if you are a follower of the correct people & clubs you will attract people to your pub's profile.

Use your story every day to demonstrate what you have going on in your pub for the Rugby World Cup. Adding a countdown before the start and then something about it every day when it is on. Talk about showing the cup and the things you are doing every day. Always keep in mind that you are looking to create a fear of missing out (FOMO).



Run a countdown to the World Cup posting a Tweet every day. Twitter is about getting involved in trends. This will become a trend more and more in the run-up to the competition. If you are involved early you will do better when the competition opens. When the completion starts to ensure you post and comment on what Is going on. Use 3-4 of the hashtags listed above in the Instagram section.

If you are struggling for ideas use the Gif tool to make your posts more interesting. These last for 3-5 seconds and mean you can post with a video instead of just text or if you cannot find a good image you can add onto it.


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