Glamourous loos are a draw for customers but are yours Instaworthy??

Some 28 per cent of people admitted they take a selfie when visiting the toilet in a restaurant, pub or nightclub in a new survey for the Formica Group (the laminate manufacturer) – rising to 64 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds.

The top reasons given for taking a pic in the toilet were:



  • Being in the 'party spirit' (39%),
  • Great mirrors/lighting leading to a better shot (34%)
  •  Liking the décor (28%)


For Generation Z, close to half say they'll take a snap in the loos if their outfit or hair is looking good and one third snap away if the backdrop will up their selfie game.

However, over half of people said the lighting in toilets was too dark and only 5 per cent thought venues had spotless loos.

The Formica Group commissioned the research to promote its new washroom range. Joe Bell of the company said: "There's a real trend for club and bars designers to create statement toilets which provide something magical. These encourage people to up their selfie game and tag the venue on Instagram.

He continues: "Previously little thought was given to customers spending a penny, but now with every detail of a night out shared on social media, venues are upping their bathroom design game. While the bathroom is a private space, social media has blurred this and people love to snap selfies with a powerful backdrop."

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