A selection of ideas on how to promote Halloween & Bonfire on your website & social media.



Bonfire night & Halloween can be a big money generator for pubs. If you are doing something on-site or are looking to link into other events, you can use Social Media & your website to reach new customers. New customers will be looking for places to go for these kinds of events, so giving the right impression online can bring you new regulars.


The easiest way to advertise a Bonfire or Halloween event within searches is to use Google posts. Posts appear next to your Google listing and can be setup for specific dates. If you have a Halloween event, it will come up in searches for events if you set it up on there. Or for a Bonfire night event, try to add in the event linking it into local bonfire night events: E.g. Royal Park Bonfire After Party at the Coach & Horses. Many people will be looking for where they can go before or after, and this will come up in the searches for that local event.


If you can easily update your website home page, you should look to add images & information to the home page of Halloween. Link into an event tab within your website so people see it as soon as they visit. Your Halloween menu should be listed within your food tab. If you have created an event on Facebook, Google or another online platform, ensure your name is consistent so the event is always the same name on all E.g: The Dog & Duck Halloween Big party.

Several of the brands you stock on our bar will have special iterations of their products for this time of year. If you list these on website it will help you link into the money they might be spending on Google advertising. This will bring your website higher in searches online, which will help you reach more customers.

If there is a local event such as a bonfire night taking place, list this on your website as part of anything related to that event, including a website such as a council website link. This will again mean your website will come up in searches for that event.


If you have a Halloween Party, the easiest way of promoting this is to set up your own event or co-host an event with a local community group Facebook page. This can be for different kinds of event, such as late-night party or events aimed at children. These should be posted about whenever you are promoting the events through the week as part of any post. You should also look to update the description of the event every few days. Anyone who has shown interest will see that update, keeping it fresh in their mind.

Your suppliers will all be releasing special editions of their products in the run-up to Halloween. Hobgoblin, Strongbow and many others will have special POS for all of this and that includes digital assets. Ensure you have these from your supplier. Local breweries will also often release special ales for Bonfire Night & Halloween. Post about these and remember to tag in the product. They will hopefully share these, including national brands. This can be in posts, but also your Facebook cover image.

Video content & Live video all get higher reach than other forms of posts. Try to use this to your advantage in the run-up to the event. If you have the decorations up, use your video apps to show your follower before and after you put up any decorations. This is one example, but anything, where you are inferring a behind the scenes information, will always do well in videos. Show them food products, food and drink in your videos on Facebook.


As with everything on Instagram, it is important to use hashtags in your posts. Always use at least 9 hashtagged terms. The hashtags for Halloween will include: #halloween #halloweencostume #halloweenparty #happyhalloween #pumpkin #witch #ghost #ghostly #skeleton #bonfire #bonfirenight #guyfawkes #31stoctober #4thnovember #halloweenmakup #halloween2019 #bonfirenight2019 #halloweenfun #bonfires #firework #fireworks

Your story should be something you are using every day for the promotion of Halloween. There are many, many ways you can do this. In the run-up to the event you will find Halloween filters, stickers & story tools. These can use all of these every day, many times a day. These should always be throwaway ideas that keep you fresh in peoples mind. It can be something simple like getting Halloween/bonfire beer into the pub or trying out costumes or even just facts about Halloween. These last for only 24 hours so you can have a lot of fun with them around ghosts, ghouls & fireworks. If you are stuck for ideas search for Halloween or bonfire night on Instagram. This will give your ideas from across the planet.


Twitter is great for getting involved in trends and Halloween will be trending throughout October. Also, Bonfire night will be trending from late October through to the 10th November. Look to get involved in that trend using any of the hashtagged terms listed above for Instagram.

Similar to Facebook, tag any brands in any posts for the ales you may have especially in for Halloween. Smaller breweries are generally more active on Twitter than on any other platforms. Get pictures of the Pump clip and post it with a pint and a Halloween mask or a sparkler (outside in a safe environment.

Even if you are not doing anything for Halloween like a party, you can still get involved in the trends on Twitter. The millions of GIFS available can be used to tie yourself into trends in a fun way. Here is a simple example of how you can do this: