We asked landlady Natalie Coleshill, who knows a thing or two about putting on a great sporting experience, for her tips on bringing sport to your pub.

Natalie is landlady at EI Group venue The Milford Arms in Isleworth. She says showing live sport helps her to drive footfall, so we asked her for some advice.


How do you prepare for a sporting event?

"It's about making the most of a big match. There are lots of different things you can do.

"When the World Cup was on we did lots of things like a free raffle ticket for every pint that you purchased to win an England shirt.

"But for a standard big fixture it's really important to have good volume. Make sure you have a good in-house sound system. Play music until it's time for commentary.

"For the FA Cup we put up balloons in the team's colours and staff wear tops for that team. We encourage staff to wear sports tops behind the bar and to support their own team."


What do you do when the match is over?

"We look to maintain that volume afterwards so it's about audio and volume and keeping it consistent.

"Then the change isn't so obvious because the atmosphere is pulling it through."






How do you promote sport on social media?

"We like to use the same images so we have continuity. If you are showing sports then you will have TV screens so use those to advertise your events. Keep the images the same.

"We remind people about fixtures that are coming up. Then we post again in the morning of the game and again a couple of hours before.

"It's about understanding when you get the most traffic before you post anything. Before 11am and between 5pm and 6pm is when we get the most traffic."


How do you prepare for international tournaments like the Rugby World Cup?

"These ones are more difficult. When things are on terrestrial television we find we are less likely to pull in a crowd. It's also hard to pull people out of bed at 8 o'clock in the morning.

"But we do breakfast and a pint for £10 and the idea is that we keep people in the pub for the next game."