Experts are predicting an extra 1 million pints will be sold in pubs if England win the final against South Africa this coming weekend.


The match will kick off at 9am UK time, due to the time difference with Japan, and the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) says as a result it expects a massive boost to beer sales should England win, as fans stay in the pub to celebrate.

The says the extra number of pints could provide a £3.8 million boost for pubs.

"There's no better place to enjoy live sport on the TV than at the great British pub, so England playing in the Rugby World Cup final is a great opportunity for publicans," said Andrew Tighe, BBPA policy director.

"With the early kick-off of 9am, pubs will be looking to make the most of their increasingly broad offer, laying on breakfasts and coffees to get England fans through the door.

"If England do win the Rugby World Cup, we expect many fans to stay in their local for the afternoon and evening to celebrate, boosting beer sales by up to one million pints. Come on England!"

An England victory would also be great news for the taxman too, with beer duty and VAT meaning that HMRC would get an additional windfall as high as £1.2 million from pub-goers, the BBPA said.

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