What is the big blue button on your Facebook page and how to change it.



The big blue button on the Facebook page exists for you to tell customers how you would like to be contacted. You can change it to show them how to get in touch with you the way you prefer.

Here is how to change it (computer method):

  1. Navigate to your Facebook page.
  2. Hold the mouse cursor over the call to action button.
  3. Next to the text, a small white pencil will appear.
  4. Click the white pencil.
  5. From the dropdown that appears, select the Edit button.
  6. From the various options, select the option you want for your pub. You can select book now, call email or others.
  7. Once you have selected your option you will have to enter the email address, website or phone number.
  8. Select save.
  9. This will now be the way in which customers are told to contact you.