A new free-to-download bingo game has been launched for publicans to help drive footfall through entertainment.

Created by SpeedQuizzing, pioneers of the interactive digital pub quiz, Speed Bingo is an interactive app-based game which makes it easier and more fun to host and play.


The hosting software can be downloaded for free though SpeedQuizzing's website, as can the app which players use to connect to the game and play.

It works through a 4x4 grid of sixteen numbers, from 1-80, which is automatically generated for each player on their own touch-screen device, with players pressing each number as it is called out by the host.

Joint founder and head of tech, John Leach, said: "Over the last few years, bingo has really taken off again and pubs up and down the UK are increasingly looking to incorporate it into their weekly entertainment offering as they look to drive footfall and sales.

"Speed Bingo provides pubs with the perfect platform to host their own exciting bingo nights – and it's completely free. It's easy to host and play and the fast-paced nature of the game generates huge excitement and buzz, which we're sure will have customers returning time and time again."

Visit speedquizzing.com/docs/speed-bingo for more information.