Here some ideas & things to do in your pub to make sure you are promoting the 2020 6 nations in your pub.


The 6 nations is a good way for many pubs to make a difference to pubs takings near the start of the year. Here are some things you can try or should be doing to get more people to visit your venue.


List the 6 Nations on your website as soon as possible on your website. You should list it on your home page to state that you are showing it. Then also list the games you will be showing in you what’s on or live sports section on the website. Make sure that you pick the games you are showing on the final day of the competition.

Some of the games clash with other sporting events including Premier League & Championship football. On the days when that happens, make it clear on your website that it will happen. You are likely to irritate customers more if your website states you are showing a specific game and they aren’t.

Many pubs do special food for the competition, have a special seasonal ale or have promotions linked to the competition. You should list all of these on the website. Guinness are the sponsors of the tournament so will usually help with assets & information to add to any websites & social media.

If you have any events taking place after the games finish, it is a good idea to add that information on the same place as the games information to plant it in any customer’s minds.


The 1st things you should do is to change your cover image in January to say that the competition is coming soon. This should be no later than 2 weeks before the start of the competition.

Start a countdown with your posts to the beginning of the competition. Once every 4 days or so you should plan a post about the tournament. This should be showcasing something about the competition and less about the games themselves. Consider questions such as: Who wants a Guinness at the 6 Nations? Only 3 weeks till the start of the tournament.

Make sure you setup a Facebook event. You could do this for the whole competition or just for each weekend. List the details of the games and then restate all of the deals & promotions in the event descriptions. You can link to this each time when you post over the tournament. IT saves having to repeatedly say the same thing on your page avoiding phrases like: Don’t forget, coming or Tonight we have.

Either before the games or when they begin, try using Facebook live. Most pubs underuse Facebook live but it gets a much higher reach. Think of ways to use this to your advantage during the competition. Think a few days before what you can do to plant it in customer’s brains that they can enjoy the sport with you.


As with all Instagram posts you will need to add hashtags to get sufficient reach. Always aim to have around 12 with each post to get the most reach. Here are the most useful hashtags to use for the tournament (remember to use these terms with local items such as your town or nearby landmarks e.g. #cotswolds if you pub were near there): #6nations #sixnations #6nations2020 #sixnations2020 #guinness6nations #Guinnesssixnations #rugby #homenations #Englandrugby #Englandruby2020 #scotlandrugby #scotlandrugby202 #walesrugby #walesrugby2020 #Irelandrugby #irelandrugby2020 #francerugby #francerugby2020 #italyrugby #italyrugby2020 #2020sports #2020rugby #grandslam #6nationschampions.

Food & drink linked to the rugby will work best for Instagram. Many sites will post generic POS to their pages which people do not engage with in the same way. Food posts account for 396.6 million posts (As of Jan 2020) on Instagram. It is a key way in which people engage with the platform. If you can tie it into the 6nations you will increase reach exponentially. Here is an example of things to try/consider:


Your Stories will be key to reaching people during the tournament. Try adding something to your story every day from mid-January onwards to say something about the tournament. Simple things like images of a rugby ball on the bar with a countdown will work. But any posts you add too. Be imaginative and play around more. These can be more fun as you don’t have to work about longevity.


Hashtags are a key way in which Twitter links posts into what is trending. Use 3-4 of the same hashtags listed above for Instagram with any of your posts.

Change the header image similar to the way in which we have stated for Facebook above. This again is the most prominent image customers will see if they visit your profile. Making it clear about the 6 nations will get you more customers.

Use the poll tool to ask who customers think will win during the weekend games. If you use the right hashtags, you will get more votes. More votes mean you will get more reach.