Things to update and manage online to ensure for your pub during the virus outbreak.



The Coronavirus is impacting on your business in many ways. In the near future, it is expected that it will lead to restrictions being place on pubs and their opening hours. To minimise the impact on your venue, here are the different things you need to check through to try to mitigate any problems.


State on your website clearly if you have any issues affecting your site. This could include limited supplies of particular products or food types. Make sure you state if you have events which have been cancelled such as quizzes or band nights. You should also be clear with your opening hours.

Google Business

If you have restricted hours login to your Google business listing and then add them to your listing. This will help you ensure that any customers who want to visit can visit when you are opening.


You should look to try to show customers you are open and offering a range of services. Many people will assume you cannot give them certain services so you should look to demonstrate that you can still serve food etc.

If possible, avoid posting jokey images. This might seem like a good idea in terms of reach, but many customers will be concerned about the outbreak and that will exacerbate those concern.

Post your opening hours once a week to make sure people are more aware of when you are open.


Instagram should be something which you won’t have to change much in terms of how you use the platform. You should look to take good quality images each day and post them to your platform.

For your Stories, make sure you add your opening hours to your story each day. It keeps people are aware of what is going on with your pub.

Avoid using the #Coronavirus with your posts. It will get higher reach, but it will not be positive. You should use more geography-based hashtags. This will reach those customers around you to encourage them to come out when they do.


On Twitter, you should look to add your opening hours each day and use geographical hashtags to your posts. Again, this will help you reach locals more easily.