Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Matt Jones is Inapub's Digital Services Manager

15.1.2020 General


Here some ideas & things to do in your pub to make sure you are promoting the 2020 6 nations in your pub.


14.1.2020 Bing


Bing is the 2nd biggest search engine. It does not have as much power or as many users as Google, but it is still something you should be in control of.


6.1.2020 General

Ideas & information for pubs to promote their Valentine’s Day online.

3.1.2020 Facebook


What is the big blue button on your Facebook page and how to change it.


28.11.2019 General


Here are a selection of ideas and things to try in January to make sure you are promoting your New Year pub activity online.


25.11.2019 Instagram

A guide to checking who is accessing your Instagram profile to check your security.

7.11.2019 Back bar


A guide to the best ways to use Social Media to encourage Christmas bookings & sales.


Back bar
7.11.2019 Instagram

A guide of how to find extra effect filters for Instagram stories.

15.10.2019 General


A selection of ideas on how to promote Halloween & Bonfire on your website & social media.


14.10.2019 TripAdvisor


A guide on how to get in touch directly with Trip Advisor.