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24.2.2016 Play Matthew Eley
9 things that make St Patrick's Day special
St Patrick’s Day is the friendliest day of the year. That’s not just some hack making a vague statement based on a few decent nights out on the Black Stuff — that is an actual fact.
Matthew Eley Play
All you need to know about St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day is almost upon us (March 17) but what do you really know about the world's most widely celebrated Saint's day? Inapub's resident Barstool Expert is ready to tell everything he knows...
Barstool Expert Blogs
21.3.2017 Drink Matthew Eley
Punters put it on the card for St Patrick's
St Patrick's Day was a huge hit in pubs this year, according to data from card payment service provider Payment Sense.
Matthew Eley Drink
15.3.2018 Play Matthew Eley
Be prepared for St Pat's on a Sat
This weekend could put a strain on your pint-pulling muscles. Not only is it St Patrick's Day on Saturday but the weekend is dominated by sport with the FA Cup quarter-finals taking place and the final round of the Six Nations as well.
Matthew Eley Play
16.3.2018 Drink Robyn Black
Barstaff to spend 49.2 years pouring Guinness
Don't believe us? It's true and here's how...
Robyn Black Drink
17.3.2017 Eat Bronya Smolen
How to make a traditional Irish stew
Put the green beer away – this Irish stew deserves nothing less than a fresh pint of Guinness. Here’s how your Mammy might make it.
Bronya Smolen Eat
What makes a beer British these days, anyway?
Last month we Welsh waved our daffs to celebrate St David. This month the world went green for St Patrick's Day and you English barely remember to remember St George, so it seems as good a time as any – with apologies to the Scots who don't get their...
Robyn Black Robyn Black
Saintly celebrations
St Patrick's Day is almost upon us (17 March) but what of the other Saints days we could be celebrating? Here's our 10 suggestions...
Robyn Black Back bar
27.2.2018 General Matt Jones
St. Patrick's day on Social Media
Ideas for how to promote the Irish Saints day on Social Media.
Matt Jones General
Matt Eley: 'Pint of Best. Hold the hair'
It’s 5pm on St Patrick’s Day and I am dreading going to the pub. Not because of the hordes of people in daft hats swigging back the Black Stuff and singing out of tune or even because the Welsh will fancy a drink or two after their Six Nations success....
Matthew Eley Matt Eley
Six Nations heralds huge year of rugby
This is a year in which legends will be born in rugby union, which could also mean some tidy profits for your pub.
Matthew Eley Features
Rugby's coming home - are you ready?
The Rugby World Cup is the third biggest global sporting event (no prizes for guessing the other two) and a great chance for pubs to cash in.
Matthew Eley Features
Mainstream favourites do not have to be a guilty secret
"The beer itself is a member of the backing group or the supporting cast, it is rare that it is the Oscar winner or the lead singer. It is why mainstream brands remain popular."
Matthew Eley Matt Eley
13.1.2016 Play Matthew Eley
Pub trade show diary 2016
Ever feel like you are stuck behind the bar and need to get out? Well, here are some of the trade shows coming up in 2016 that give you a legitimate excuse to have an away day that you can very much classify as work.
Matthew Eley Play
10.1.2019 Play Matthew Eley
Pull in the rugby crowd with the Guinness Six Nations
The drama of the Six Nations is an almost guaranteed pub crowd-puller but with a World Cup to follow later in the year, there will be even more attention than usual on the annual event.
Matthew Eley Play
18.1.2018 Play Matthew Eley
Time to tackle the Six Nations
Scotland are on the up, England are beating all-comers, Wales are fresh from victory over South Africa and Ireland had a cracking autumn.
Matthew Eley Play
13 reasons to show rugby in your pub
With the Six Nations in full swing and a Lions tour on the horizon, 2017 is a huge year for rugby. It's all to play for in your pub. Here's why...
Matthew Eley Play
St Patricks Day Promotion
Terms & Conditions This competition is only open to residents of the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) aged 18 years and over. Proof of age may be required. Promotion excludes employees of the Promoter and their immediate families,...
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