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28.2.2018 Drink James Evison
Rebrands of Diet Coke and Sprite launched ahead of sugar tax
Brand refreshes for Diet Coke and Sprite have been announced by Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP).
James Evison Drink
27.6.2018 Drink Robyn Black
Coca-Cola offers pub-goers a summer of experiences
A new on-trade campaign gives drinkers the chance to win a "once in a lifetime" trip from whale watching in Iceland to a meditation trip in Italy.
Robyn Black Drink
Low and no sugar Coca-Cola to outsell classic by 2018
Zero and reduced sugar Coca-Cola sales will outstrip classic Coke sales for the first time next year, according to the brand owner.
Matthew Eley Drink
Coca-Cola grows designated drivers scheme
Enterprises (CCE) is offering drivers a free second drink during Christmas when ordering a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Schweppes in its new Designated Drivers campaign.
Line Elise Svanevik Newsflash
9.11.2018 Drink Robyn Black
It’s the Coca-Cola truck tour - it must be Christmas!
The Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour kicks off today (Friday November 9), so Christmas has officially begun.
Robyn Black Drink
19.6.2017 Drink Robyn Black
'Share A Coke' rolls out across pubs for the first time
With 75 per cent of drinkers stating they want to drink Coke from a glass bottle in pubs, Coca-Cola European Partners is investing in a new programme to encourage licensees to offer just that.
Robyn Black Drink
1.10.2014 Features Claire Dodd
How to make your Christmas drinks sparkle
Tis (almost) the season to get jolly. Well, if you're on the other side of the bar, that is. You might actually have to wait until January to take a breather. But believe us, it'll be worth it. Until then, it's time to make a list, and check it twice....
Claire Dodd Features
3 anti-drink driving campaigns for December
With 30 per cent of Brits planning to attend three or more Christmas parties this December and 64 per cent of those expecting to have "one too many" (according to new research from Coca-Cola Enterprises), three drinks companies are investing in...
Robyn Black Newsflash
9.11.2016 Drink Robyn Black
Forget John Lewis.It's Coca-Cola Christmas truck time
It's time to get our Christmas on! In the same week as the John Lewis Christmas ad landed news reaches us that the classic Coca-Cola truck advert is back too.
Robyn Black Drink
1.11.2017 Drink Robyn Black
Coca-Cola Designated Driver scheme returns for its 10th year
Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is bringing back its reward scheme for designated drivers for the 10th year this Christmas.
Robyn Black Drink
7.12.2018 Blogs James Evison
Pub toilets are good enough for royalty – but do you give access to all?
Pub toilets are good enough for royalty – but do you give access to all?
James Evison Blogs

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