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15.5.2018 Blogs James Evison
It’s National Vegetarian Week and I’m going vegan - are pubs doing enough?
National Vegetarian Week, Inapub 's Matt Eley went veggie . I've decided to take Matt's experience one step further and go vegan. Why? The better question would be: why not?
James Evison Blogs
17.10.2017 Eat Robyn Black
7 easy-peasy ways to “veganise” your menu
November is World Vegan Month, get inspired with these simple ways to create vegan dishes.
Robyn Black Eat
12.6.2017 Eat Bronya Smolen
This pizza could make offering a vegan menu easier
Love it or loath it, Veganism is spreading, and this cheese can help you cater for it.
Bronya Smolen Eat
22.5.2018 Eat James Evison
Fuller's creates total veggie and vegan menu
Fuller's has transformed the Fence in Farringdon into a vegetarian and vegan venue for the majority of May to celebrate all things plant-based and meat-free.
James Evison Eat
11.1.2019 Eat James Evison
UK is top of the world for vegan products
The UK has the highest number of new vegan food products, overtaking Germany to the world's number one spot, according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).
James Evison Eat
15.1.2019 Eat James Evison
Has Wetherspoons secretly launched a vegan pizza?
Never missing an excellent business opportunity, JD Wetherspoon has 'secretly' launched a vegan pizza, it has been claimed.
James Evison Eat
20.4.2018 Eat James Evison
The five best ‘meat alternative’ dishes for your pub menu
As French MPs say 'non' to 'sans viande' and ban the use of meat terms such as 'sausage' for vegan produce, Inapub celebrates the best meat-substitute dishes for your pubs.
James Evison Eat
14.12.2018 Drink Robyn Black
Drinks brands go for the vegan crowd
Craft alcoholic soda Crooked and syrup range Monin have both announced January campaigns aimed at the Veganuary crowd.
Robyn Black Drink
30.9.2019 Eat Ruth Scammell
62 per cent of customers feel meat-free burgers aren't as good as meat ones
Improvements to vegan gourmet burgers are needed, research shows
Ruth Scammell Eat
21.11.2018 Eat James Evison
Pub scraps its meaty name due to vegan menu changes
A pub in York called The Shoulder of Mutton has changed its name due to plans to serve vegan and vegetarian food.
James Evison Eat
19.7.2018 Eat James Evison
Bidfood unveils vegan options for Christmas
An explosion in the number of vegans across the UK has led to foodservice firm Bidfood bringing new options to its Christmas range, it has announced.
James Evison Eat
19.6.2017 Drink Robyn Black
Vegan wines for the pub trade
With veganism on the rise, you might need to take a look at your drinks portfolio.
Robyn Black Drink
20.5.2019 Eat Ruth Scammell
New sausages to cater for vegans
It's not just bleeding burgers these days - now vegans can enjoy a good old British banger too.
Ruth Scammell Eat
18.11.2019 Eat Robyn Black
23 per cent of consumers now follow a diet that restricts some food groups
Lack of choice and boring options are key frustrations when eating out, they say.
Robyn Black Eat
5.9.2018 Eat James Evison
Pubs to feature ‘bleeding’ vegan burger following massive demand
Pubco Marston’s will become the first national pub firm to put ‘bleeding’ vegan burgers on its menu as part of a £1m deal.
James Evison Eat
31.10.2018 Eat James Evison
Food critics may not like it, but plant based food is here to stay
The news that (former) Waitrose Food editor William Sitwell shot down ideas from a journalist for a plant based food column isn't reflective of the overall picture.
James Evison Eat
4.10.2019 Eat Robyn Black
Brewdog launches a "half meat" flexitarian burger
The burger is made with 50% British beef and 50% vegan meat alternative, Beyond Meat.
Robyn Black Eat
28.2.2019 Drink Robyn Black
Lionheart has been launched in time for St George’s Day on April 23
The beer has been brewed to a 12th century style recipe featuring wild harvested sweet gale and is brewed in open fermentation tanks.
Robyn Black Drink
4.12.2018 Eat James Evison
The food trends for 2019
Inapub takes a look at what pubs can expect as the biggest food trends next year.
James Evison Eat
4.1.2019 Eat James Evison
Veganuary: should pubs care - or take Piers Morgan's lead?
January is a great time to try out new healthy menu choices – but do punters really want pubs to chuck out the burgers and bring on the butternut squash?
James Evison Eat
Veggie supplier helps caterers think 'meat-free'
meat-free distributor Vegetarian Express is campaigning to help caterers target the vegan and vegetarian market.
Line Elise Svanevik News
14.3.2018 Eat James Evison
Half of vegans and vegetarians 'bored' with menu options
More than half of vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and those with allergies are 'bored' with the current choices available when eating out, according to a new study.
James Evison Eat
19.12.2019 Eat Ruth Scammell
How to sell your healthy food
After a month of overindulgence, many people decide January is the time for a detox. But it can be a difficult time for us in the pub trade as we try to entice in people who are counting the calories.
Ruth Scammell Eat
7.3.2019 Eat James Evison
Pick up a pie for #BritishPieWeek
Pies are always a popular choice on a pub menu — but do you go home-made or consider buying them in?
James Evison Eat
22.10.2018 Eat James Evison
Five winter warmers for your pub
The nights have drawn in, the fires have been lit, and it is time to put some warming grub on the menu. Inapub offers five winter dishes for you.
James Evison Eat

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