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Beer Quality: What's all the fuss about

by Inapub
"3 in 4 beer drinkers’ say the quality of the beer served is IMPORTANT to their overall experience in a pub/bar."
How many bad pints before you stop going to a pub?
It seems for years now that we have been hearing about the importance that customers place on their “experience” when they are on a night out. In the Quest for Quality March 2023 research undertaken by KAM in association with BUDWEISER BUDVAR 88% of customers said, “I want pubs/bars to provide me with an experience I can’t get at home” and “3 in 4 beer drinkers’ said the quality of the beer served is IMPORTANT to their overall experience in a pub/bar”
So how does the customer experience match up to these expectations. In the research a staggering 93% of people said they had experienced a bad pint! The price for this poor-quality experience is high with a third of customers saying they would stop going to a pub/bar after just one bad pint.
Operators who took part in the research recognised the importance of training in the battle to reduce the bad pint experience.  Cellar management, correct poor, glassware, correct serve and cleanliness were all on the list of additional knowledge/training that operators wanted.
The good news is that help is at hand with training now widely available in all these areas. Leading the way is Cask Marque with their BEER PRO training course. This course has been developed by Cask Marque, the beer industry’s quality ‘watchdog’ in conjunction with the UK's National Breweries to equip you and your staff in the quest for the perfect pint experience . At the heart of this is their belief that professionally trained bar staff who deliver an exceptional guest experience generate repeat purchases, increase footfall, and build a business’s reputation.
There are five Beer Pro modules, each designed to ensure every guest receives an exceptional beer experience.
  1. Prepare Yourself
  2. Prepare Your Glassware
  3. Perfect Pour
  4. Present Professionally
  5. Prospect and Promote