Everyday Inspiration

by Callebaut
"‘Everyday Inspiration’ provides creative business support"
AD - Everyday Inspiration made with Callebaut

This September Callebaut launched its latest multimedia culinary activity – “Everyday Inspiration’’. Built on the insight that chefs need to deliver inspiration to consumers through every dish, ‘Everyday Inspiration’ is all about identifying creative opportunities for chefs in common moments, menus and places across a range of Foodservice channels.

As consumer expectations continue to rise and traditional mealtime occasions become ever more fluid, ‘Everyday Inspiration’ is set to offer operators the opportunity to maximise the potential of sweeter options throughout service. The campaign also features Mona Lisa decorations, adding colour, flavour and textures to the new range of recipes. Catering for diners both on the move and those taking a more leisurely approach, ‘Everyday Inspiration’ provides creative business support for every type of outlet.

Focusing on helping all channel operators maximise profit whilst delivering accessible and on-trend sweet treats that will keep customers coming back for more; ‘Everyday Inspiration’ launches with a brand-new bank of inspiring recipes, Inspire - a bi-annual magazine helping end users drive dessert and sweet treat sales, as well as profit calculations for each serve, inspirational imagery and much more.

Vincenzo Mangano, Sales Director Gourmet at Callebaut UK & Ireland comments: “Our latest campaign, ‘Everyday Inspiration’, aims to demonstrate the ease and importance of offering quality yet diverse desserts and sweet treats in every channel. From our Ruby Chocolate Crème Brûlée to our Peanut Butter Sea Salt Chocolate Brownies, there is something for everyone to enjoy at any time of day, and by using Callebaut you can be sure of consistent quality every time.”


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