Summer Cocktails

by Inapub Team
"The fruity favourite Passion Fruit/Pornstar Martini topped the 2021 cocktail selling chart"
In our summer drinks feature in the summer edition of the magazine we have a quick look at summer cocktails.

This includes a French Martini recipe from Whitley Neill using their pineapple gin. James Stocker marketing director at Halewood Artisanal Spirits says “ Tropical flavours have been performing particularly well in spirits”.

We see this with the fruity favourite Passion Fruit/Pornstar Martini topping the 2021 cocktail selling chart, (by percentage of overall sales)[1] accounting over 21% of all cocktails sold in the On Trade.  "Although the top 10 cocktails list is currently filled with familiar favourites, we’ve seen an interesting shift in consumer behaviour over the past few years as On Trade customers begin to become more open to experimenting with new-to-the-market cocktail serves. Traditional cocktail market share has seen a 17 percentage point decrease in the past few years to 37%, whilst during the same period modern cocktails have seen a 10 percentage point boom up to 22%[2]. " says Ben Anderson, Marketing Director at FUNKIN COCKTAILS

A great example of the new to market cocktail serves is the Étän Mess one of the summer cocktail recipes from award-winning, African-inspired, golden rum Etan. Etan was launched by the five fabulous Fosang sisters, whose parents are originally from Cameroon. Etan means 'five' in their parents' dialect and there are five botanicals in every bottle.

Another Is the Persian Paradise where the sharpness of the pomegranate is softened by the gin and tonic water to create a great refreshing taste for the summer. For this recipe and other great cocktail recipes check out the drinks recipes from the Britvic Sensational Drinks website.

[1] CGA Mixed Drinks Report avg YoY growth 2021 (Q1 + Q3) vs 2020 (Q1 + Q3)

[2] CGA Mixed Drinks Report Q3 2021