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Summer Drinks – Its not too late!

by Inapub
"From refreshing summer spritzes to fruity ciders, there’s plenty to offer your punters when it comes to tried and tested favourites. But there are a few new kids on the block..."
There are a few new kids on the block...
You may be forgiven to think we haven’t really had a summer this year. After the early promise of some warm weather in June, July and August has been very disappointing for most of us. However, its not over yet and lets hope September brings better weather before Autumn eventually kicks in. In the SUMMER edition of the magazine, we looked at what was new for summer drinks this year and from refreshing summer spritzes to fruity ciders there is a lot to consider!
If your customers are looking for something a little different, a little more nuanced, then there is BATHTUBS gin. This uses zesty lime peel, alongside citrus oil for added oompf. Orange peel is cold infused for seven days and there’s also a little gentle spice. For the best serve, mix with bitter lemon.
Then how about a chilled red wine? At 12 per cent ABV, LOVE BITE is a South African low intervention natural wine from the Stellenbosch area, picked from old vines for their red fruit flavour, soft tannins and a little salinity. It’s vegan-friendly too.
The cider market has seen tremendous changes over the last few years and new products and serves keep on coming. OLD MOUT Pineapple & Raspberry is moving from the back bar to a prime spot on the bar top as Heineken has announced the fruit-flavoured cider will now be available on tap. It follows the launch of draught Old Mout Berries & Cherries.
Finally how about cocktails. FUNKIN have released their Shake and Serve range. Simply chill, shake the bottle for 10 seconds and serve for a sumptuous cocktail, complete with a lightly foaming head to give your customers the ultimate drinking experience.