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Theres An Idea – Extra Fun for your Customers

by Elton Mouna
"Elton Mouna finds a few ways to add some extra fun for punters"
Extra Fun for your Customers.

In the Summer edition of the Inapub magazine Elton Mouna finds a few ways to add some extra fun for punters as part of his NOW THERES' AN IDEA series. You can not only read it in the magazine but now you can listen to it in our latest Podcast.

Ever thought about what you could do for the birthday of one of your valued regular customers? How about making it really special for them by commissioning a celebrity video message to wish them a very happy birthday. Imagine the face of the birthday boy or girl when you play the video in your packed pub in front of all their friends. Check out Thrillz where messages start from £25 depending on the celebrity. 

Then there are your food menus. After ordering an aperitif called the Key from the drink’s menu in a bar in Prague, the customers are given a simple riddle to solve. Solving the riddle earns the customer a small UV light to reveal the secret cocktail list hidden on the first few blank pages of the menu. How could you adapt that? How about your dessert menu written in invisible ink and a UV torch (seven quid on Amazon) given to each table so they can reveal your hidden desserts section?

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