Barstaff to spend 49.2 years pouring Guinness this Saturday

Don't believe us? It's true and here's how...

Be prepared for St Pat's on a Sat

This weekend could put a strain on your pint-pulling muscles.

Not only is it St Patrick's Day on Saturday but the weekend is dominated by sport with the FA Cup quarter-finals taking place and the final round ...

Pub PoS to support Old Speckled Hen campaign

Brewer Greene King is offering licensees a range of PoS to help highlight its biggest ever media campaign for the ale in pubs.

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Find the foxes and win a cask or keg of Old Speckled Hen!

Win a cask or keg of Old Speckled Hen. Old Speckled Hen is launching its biggest ever media campaign this month and to celebrate, we're offering one lucky reader a free cask or keg of Old Speckled Hen. ...


Old Speckled Hen is updating its image with a £1.1m campaign

Brewer Greene King has given the brand's fox character a "sleek and urban" image in its biggest campaign to date to give the beer modern day appeal.

Rebrands of Diet Coke and Sprite launched ahead of sugar tax

Brand refreshes for Diet Coke and Sprite have been announced by Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP).

Southern Comfort Black launched

The new variant is aimed at younger spirit drinkers who are developing an interest in American whiskey.


Wadworth announces winner of annual pie competition

A New Forest pub chef has won this year's annual pie competition run by family brewer and operator Wadworth.

McCain improves its Original Choice Chips

McCain has relaunched its Original Choice Chips range, so that they are "crispier on the outside and fluffier on the inside."

How to make 675% profit on puds…

These super simple hacks will take your desserts to a whole other margin-boosting level.


Are you up for the Pub Cup?

Pub footballers are once again being given the chance to emulate their Premier League heroes.

April's Premier Picks

Pubs will be in for a footballing feast in April with both Sky Sports and BT Sport revealing their live matches for the month.

MatchPint gets a World Cup Buddy

Sports pub finder app MatchPint has signed with Budweiser to support pubs during the FIFA World Cup this summer.

Customers want to book with you on their mobiles

Growing numbers of people want to secure a table using mobile technology.

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Spoons provides 'appiness with quick service solution

I'm scared of robots.

Not in a 'they're going to destroy us and take over the world' sense. I just don't want to be served by one of them at the bar.