40 per cent of hospitality workers are from the EU

Pubs, which tend to employ young Brits, is the least reliant of the hospitality sectors on overseas workers and therefore has less exposure to risk post Brexit, the figures from software firm Fourth, suggest.

Men “twice as likely” to visit pub regularly

Men are more likely to visit the pub two or three times a week compared to women, according to new research.

9 of the cutest pub dogs

They are man's best friend and a fine addition to many a pub too. Here are 9 of our favourite pub dogs - but feel free to get in touch if you feel we've missed some out...

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Why 48 per cent of the draught cider market will be fruit within five years

If you don't already stock a fruit cider on tap, now's the time to do it, says cidermaker Westons.


Kopparberg is inviting publicans to visit the KopparMountain

The Swedish fruit cider brand is offering exclusive access to the KopparMountain, its latest experiential event, ahead of the general public to say thanks for the continued support.

Bud prepares to honour its promise of free beer should England win the World Cup

Brewer AB InBev has increased production at UK breweries in readiness of a victory.

Schweppes will launch new mixer especially for dark spirits

With rum, Irish whiskey and bourbon on the rise, Schweppes will add a mixer for dark spirits to its premium 1783 range this Autumn.


Harry Kane recreated in pie form

There's plenty of Brits who view World Cup hero Harry Kane as good enough to eat these days, and now they can thanks to food artist Nathan Wyburn and Pukka Pies.

Five on-trend burgers for your pub

Burgers don't just have to be beef mince smashed into a brioche bun with a slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce. Oh no, they can be so much more...

Top five summer and autumn food trends

As the summer solstice passes, and we move into the harvest season, what key food trends can we expect to see?


Pub opens community cinema

Ever fancied having a cinema in your pub? Well, one pub in Freston, Suffolk has done exactly that.

Turn it on and turn it up: Fans reveal World Cup demands

Getting the viewing experience right in your pub for England's World Cup campaign could be vital for future trade.

Win the trip of a lifetime in the Fernet-Branca Barback Games

Does working behind a bar give you a physical and competitive edge?

Keep the 'it's coming home' feeling alive

So how was it for you?

As a football fan who has been left reeling from World Cups ever since Maradona cheated us way back in Mexico in 1986, the last four weeks have had a weird dreamlike feeling.


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Millennials are an “accommodation provider’s dream”

Young people tend to enjoy three to four night stays, travel outside of peak season and prefer boutique breaks and experiences. Pubs are perfect, says Matt Thomas, of Guestline.