Everything you ever wanted to know about Halloween

It's spooky, it's creepy and it gets people down the pub, our resident Barstool Expert has all the facts on Halloween.

9 ingredients for your November specials menu

Partridge, Muntjac deer and all things nutty – what’s in season this November for your specials board?

Raise spirits this Halloween with these hints and ideas

Because if you’re not serving a drink called some sort of ghostly pun, then will Halloween even happen?


Can cider go posh?

Prosecco has shown UK drinkers have an appetite for bubbly drinks that are a touch more expensive, but does Cider have what it takes to play at the top end of the market too?

Beer ant-ics for Halloween

If your ant-icipating a business boosting Halloween this year, perhaps you should consider serving one of the creepiest new cocktails in town: Hobgoblin Beer Vermouth & ants?

The bear is back

A famous beer brand is returning but with an entirely new look and recipe.


Enterprise unveils menu building tool
Enterprise Inns is helping publicans improve their food offering by creating a ‘Menu Builder’ tool.
10 ways to vamp up your puddings with chocolate
Belgium chocolate creators Callebaut are encouraging operators to add some ‘wow’ to puddings to keep customers coming back.
How to flog the perfect pickle in your pub
One pub is bringing back the pickle by holding a beer pairing supper club.


Sky highlights Premier League goals service

Customers at Sky Sports WiFi venues will now be able to see Premier League goals first as part of the broadcaster's Football Score Centre app.

Best UK pub gardens revealed

The best beer gardens in the country have been named by the judges in a national competition.

Carling kicks-off football pub investment

Carling has launched a new initiative to help pubs create the ultimate live football viewing experience.

Ask the Experts: Vaping

Vaping in pubs can be an issue clouded in confusion, so can you get in trouble with customers if you push them outside with the smokers? We asked the experts.

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Why ‘locally sourced’ isn’t the only way to impress customers

Everyone talks about sourcing food locally, but what about getting top quality ingredients from places a little further afield?

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