9 things we've learned from Britvic's Soft Drinks Review

Britvic has released its annual overview of the soft drinks category. The sector is showing juicy growth but there are challenges ahead. Here are the highlights...

The new £1 coin: everything your pub needs to know…
… plus how you could make some profit from it (not just by putting it in your tills).
Watch: learn the secrets to latte art and great coffee

Making a good coffee is harder than it looks and with the coffee market booming and competition high, you can't afford to serve a bad one.

Promotional feature
Well, well, well

61 Deep is our LATEST BEER and it's named after the depth of the
fresh water well at our Brewery in Burton – 61 metres.


US craft market pressures could travel to UK

A leading figure in American craft beer has warned that pressures faced by the industry could be replicated in the UK.

Pepsi Max Ginger to spice up the cola category

Britvic Soft Drinks is bringing the first ginger-flavoured cola to the UK this summer in the form of Pepsi Max Ginger.

Punters put it on the card for St Patrick's

St Patrick's Day was a huge hit in pubs this year, according to data from card payment service provider Payment Sense.


How to make a dog's dinner of food sales
This Norwich pub is launching an entire food menu for dogs to boost sales from pet owners.
Fruit trumps bacon sarnie in best breakfasts
A survey of nearly 20,000 people has found that fresh fruit is more important than bacon when it comes to hotel breakfasts.
Battle of the nuts: cashews see increase in pub popularity
The cashew nut is taking on the peanut, as sales are on the rise for KP Snacks.


8 reasons Mother's Day is best at the pub
In case you wanted to remind customers why your pub is so awesome - eight cracking reasons why Mother’s Day should be spent with you.
Inapub with... David Croft

F1's motor-mouth is gearing-up for another season in the fast lane. Crofty will be travelling the world commentating on the campaign for Sky but before the lights turn green he gave Inapub his views on the ...

10 euphemisms for being a bit tipsy

It turns out Inuits don't have 100 words for snow (just 50, in fact) but we Brits do certainly have a lot for "imbibing a few too many sherbets." Here's 10 of the best.

Why alcohol is an integral part of civilisation

From wild potato chichi (a South American beer) in 13,000 BC to pepper berry wine in 600 AD to alcopops in the 1990s, alcohol in one form or another has permeated human life through the ages.

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