Preparing for the threat of terror

Horrific attacks in Manchester and London this summer shocked the nation. With BrewDog announcing terror training for all its pub staff, we ask how can you prepare for such a nightmare scenario?

Mix & Match: how spirits can unlock the potential of dining occasions

51 per cent of all meals in the on-trade are enjoyed with an alcoholic drink and 51 per cent of people say alcohol is an important factor in where they choose to eat.

Serve a top roast? This is your chance to prove it...

The hunt for the best pub roast in Britain is closing in, with the deadline for entries to the Best British Roast Dinner competition just around the corner (1 October 2017).

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Grow your soft drink sales with Coca-Cola Perfect Serve

75 per cent of consumers want to drink Coca-Cola from the original glass bottle in pubs. 

What's more 64 per cent are prepared to spend more on a glass bottle of Coca-Cola than on draught.*


Bitter price rise for pubs to swallow

The average price of a pint of bitter has risen above the £3 mark for the first time.

Old Mout cider aims to save the Kiwi

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have joined forces with Old Mout cider to try and save the Kiwi bird.

CAMRA wants business rates cut for all

Pubs need more support than ever before.

That was the message from CAMRA as it launched the 45th edition of its Good Beer Guide this week.


Brioche perfect for brunch (and Christmas menus)

Forget a buttery biscuit base, this year it's all about the buttery, brioche bread.

Get ready for a cracking egg week

Is there anything in your kitchen as versatile as an egg? And no, your sous-chef doesn't count.

Are your burgers good enough?

Even 100 per cent British beef patties aren't good enough for discerning customers these days, apparently.


BT Sport launches Manager of the Month Awards

BT Sport is on the lookout for pub landlords who give their customers something a bit extra when it comes to sport.

Sky grows EFL coverage in new deal

Sky Sports has signed a new deal meaning more EFL football will be screened than ever before.

Weak pound sees holiday-makers opt for Britain

Three-quarters of Brits went on or were planning to 'staycation' this year – up from 70 per cent a year ago.

Forget coffee is it all about tea now?

Fans of The Archers will know that recently Kombucha, a fermented tea, made its journey from hipster café to Ambridge, where Tom Archer had plans to sell it.

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A peek at a pub that inspired Charlie Chaplin

The blend of old and new at The Tankard has been done so well that it is easy to imagine a young Charlie Chaplin peering in from the street outside to see his father propping up the bar.

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